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Blackening Heat Treatment Processes
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Blackening is a chemical surface treatment of a common means, the principle is to produce a layer of metal surface oxide film to isolate the air, to achieve rust-proof purposes.

Appearance requirements can be used black treatment, steel surface blackening treatment, also known as Blue. The common methods of blackening treatment are the traditional alkaline heating blackening and the late blackening of room temperature. But the temperature blackening process is not good for low carbon steel. Alkaline Black Subdivision Out, there is a black and two times the difference between black. The main components of blackening liquid are sodium hydroxide and nitrite. Black when the desired temperature latitude is greater, probably in 135-155 ℃ between can get a good surface, but the time required some length just. Effectively prevent the metal surface from being oxidized to prevent rust. More used in carbon steel workpiece, such as ordinary 45#,q235. Such as Lifting Chains,Sling chainChain black