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Hot dip Galvanizing
- Feb 26, 2018 -

Hot-dip Galvanizing (galvanizing) is also called hot-dip zinc and hot-dip galvanizing: It is an effective metal anti-corrosion way, mainly used in various industries of metal structural facilities. is the rust after the steel immersed in 500 ℃ molten zinc, so that the surface of steel members adhere to the zinc layer, to prevent corrosion. 

We have hot dip galvanized products with Screw Pin Anchor shackle, forged wire rope clip (Australia type hot dip galv malleable wire rope clips, Drop forged wire rope clamp) turnbuckleG414 wire rope Thimble,NACM96 long link  chain, Italy type scaffording steel boards,Fence, Single link etc.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing process: finished pickling→washing→add→support bath→drying→hanging→plating→cooling→pharmaceutical-→cleaning→polishing→hot dip galvanizing finished.

Principle of hot dip galvanizing: Clean the iron parts, then the solvent treatment, drying after immersion in the zinc solution, iron and molten zinc reaction to produce an alloying zinc layer, the process is: degreasing →washing →pickling→help plating→drying→hot dip galvanizing→separation→cooling passivation.

Hot-Dip Galvanized sheet production process mainly includes: the original plate preparation → pretreatment → hot dip plating → plating treatment → finished products inspection. According to the custom, the hot dip galvanizing process is divided into two kinds: line annealing and Line annealing.

The advantage of hot dip galvanizing is that it has a long anti-corrosion life, and it has been a popular antiseptic treatment method. It is widely used in power tower, communication tower, railway, highway protection, a street lamp pole, marine component, building steel structure component, substation ancillary facilities, light industry, etc. The corrosion resistance of hot dip zinc is long, but it is different in the environment: Heavy industry Area 13, Ocean 50, suburb 104 years, city 30 years.