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Malleable Steel
- Sep 14, 2018 -

Malleable steel is commonly known as MOS rail. The production process of vermicular graphite cast iron is: first pouring into white cast iron, and then through the malleable annealing (can be wrought annealing to decompose the cementite into a group of flock graphite) and obtain the ductile iron castings. 

Because the graphite in the malleable cast iron is a group of flock, the effect on the matrix is smaller, so its mechanical properties are higher than that of gray cast iron, and the plasticity and toughness are good, but the malleable cast iron cannot be forged. The matrix microstructure of malleable cast iron is different, and its properties are not the same. The Pearlite malleable cast iron has high strength, hardness and abrasion resistance.

The use of the malleable steel material is the basic guarantee of the quality of the Chuck,such as US Type Malleable Wire Rope Clip, DIN741 wire rope clamp, Galvanized wire rope clips DIN1142,B.S 462 malleable wire rope clips etc. These all can be up to FF-C-450 type 1 class 2.