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Q235 Steel
- Sep 25, 2018 -

Q235 Steel is a carbon structural steel. It uses two-layer glow ion infiltration metal technology, on the surface of the steel MO-CR Co-infiltration, followed by ultra-saturated carburizing, quenching and tempering composite treatment, MO-CR bowed layer thickness of more than 100 microns, the surface Mo content of up to 20%,CR content reached 10%, ultra-saturated carburizing surface carbon content of more than 2%, Surface composition near molybdenum high-speed steel, quenching and tempering surface hardness of up to 1300HV, more than the general metallurgical high-speed steel.Wear test shows that the friction coefficient increases with the increase of contact stress, and the average relative abrasion resistance is 2.2 times of GCr15 carburizing hardened steel. 

We used to choose GCr15, 9SiCr, T8 and 45 steel, because the workpiece has a bite mold, sticky mold phenomenon, forging embryo is difficult to punch out from the mold, resulting in plastic deformation, bending and fracture of the punch, short life, every 10 pieces of punch about punch bolts 800~1200 pieces, after the use of Q235 steel to do punch material, After quenching the direct use of non-tempering, hardness of 36~40HRC, every 10 pieces punch can punch more than 2000 pieces of bolts, and the failure of the form of plastic deformation, to solve the punch in the use of the phenomenon of fragmentation, to ensure that the operator’s personal safety.

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