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Tempering treatment
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Tempering treatment, a technique for smelting iron and steel, is a kind of treatment for hardening or normalizing the steel to be cooled down at a certain rate to increase the toughness of the material after it has been immersed in a lower temperature for a period.

According to the metallurgical principle, the quenching and normalization treatment in the return of medium temperature immersion (aging) for a period, can promote a part of the carbide precipitation at the same time can eliminate part of the rapid cooling caused by the residual stress, so can improve the toughness and flexibility of the material


 The effect of tempered

1. Improve the stability of the Organization, so that the workpiece in the use of the process no longer changes in         the organization, so that the workpiece geometric size and performance to maintain stability

2. Eliminate internal stress in order to improve the working performance of workpiece and stabilize workpiece             geometry 

3. To adjust the mechanical properties of steel to meet the requirements of use.

Such as galvanized chain shackle, galvanized anchor shackle Drop Forged chain shackle, Trawling chain shackle,

Web sling shackle, Eye hoist hook, G70 eye grab hook YZ, G80 clevis grab hook etc.