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What is materials of 20Mn2
- Nov 26, 2018 -

The 20mn2 is of medium strength. Cold deformation when the plastic is high, low-temperature performance is good, weldability and cutting properties are OK.

Compared with the corresponding carbon-containing carbon steel, its hardenability is higher, the critical quenching diameter in the oil is up to 4~15 mm, but the heat treatment has overheating, decarbonization sensitivity and tempering brittleness tendency.

This type of steel, because of the appropriate hardenability, after the appropriate metal heat treatment, microstructure for uniform solicit, bainite or very fine pearlite, and thus has a high tensile strength.

Chemical constituents

Carbon c:0.17~0.24

Silicon si:0.17~0.37

Manganese mn:1.40~1.80

Phosphorus p: ≤0.025

Sulfur s: ≤0.025

Chrome cr:≤0.30

Nickel ni:≤0.30

Copper cu:≤0.25

Mechanical properties

Tensile strength ≥785mpa

Yield Limit ≥590mpa

Elongation rate ≥10%

Cross section shrinkage rate ≥40%

Shock absorption ≥47aku2/j

Hardness: ≤187HB 

Mainly used in the manufacture of lifting chain, is to ensure that the chain high tension of the important materials.G80 chain1

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