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What is tensile test
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Tensile test should be supplemented by rupture test. This tensile test guarantees the sealing quality and is a compulsory test method.

Can be divided into static tensile test and dynamic tensile test two kinds. 

(1) Static tensile test: a universal tensile tester is composed of a constant speed motor, clamp and spring balance), this tensile test is to destroy the width of each sample seal required by the force. For the three-layer composite film composition of the cooking bag sealing tensile force to achieve 0.286kg/10mm, whether after sterilization or storage for 3 months after the pull has no significant impact.

Sealing pull is the most suitable range is 0.196-0.338kg/10mm.

(2) Dynamic tensile test: Cut a 10mm wide number of sealing spline, at one end of the shelf, the other side hanging a variety of weight weights, put into the sterilization pot to 121 degrees, 30min sterilization, after the weight of the drop weight, you can know the actual tensile strength. Tensile test method:

Such as long link lashing chain, alloy steel fish farming chain, G70 binder chain,EN818-2 lifting g80 chain, G100 high quality chain, DIN763 link chain, DIN766 link chain etc. strict break tensile test.