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What is the Powder Coated
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Powder coated is a surface treatment method for spraying plastic powder on parts, its working principle is to charge         the plastic powder through the high-voltage electrostatic equipment, under the action of the electric field, spraying the           coating onto the surface of the workpiece, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the workpiece surface to form                     a powdery coating, and the powdery coating is cured after baking at high temperature,

The plastic particles will melt into a layer of the final protective coating with varying effects and are firmly                    attached to the workpiece surface.


No need to the thinner, the construction of the environment pollution-free, non-toxic to the human body, excellent       coating appearance quality, adhesion and mechanical strength, spraying construction curing time is short,               coating corrosion resistance is much higher, no primer, simple construction, low technical requirements for               workers;

Some construction occasions have clearly put forward the need to use electrostatic spray process treatment,          electrostatic spraying process will not appear in the spray painting process common flow phenomenon.

 The Surface requirements for power coated  products

1.Spraying color: spraying color should be with the selected model or color board, after spraying the product               surface color uniformity, no apparent color difference.

2.Spray Coating Thickness: spraying layer thickness should meet the design and use requirements, spraying 

   thickness uniformity, strong adhesion.

3. Product Cleaning: The product inside and outside the visible surface area, should be clean, no stains,                    grease, etc. affect the appearance of any dirt, also do not allow the finger after the white traces left behind.

        Such as Load binder,Ratchet type drop forged load binder,Scaffolding type load binder,Telescopic          shoring prop, Sling Hook etc.