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Why Are Our Load Binder Products More Popular
- Oct 30, 2018 -

1, For ratchet type drop forged load binder in production, gear spacing is consistent, gear size is the same, and gear is immaculate, ratchet and hand ratchet tensioner handle forging, the front end of the handle of the opening fork is mechanical cutting finishing out, (rather than simple cutting with gas welding), to ensure that the sides of the fork smooth, but also conducive to the rotation of the ratchet smooth,the whole product looks more beautiful.

2, Ratchet for forging finishing handle front fork tap is tiny, to ensure that the Ratchet tensioner life is longer, smooth rotation, ratchet and forks, round pipe will not produce large shaking, the overall product is strong and durable, beautiful and concise. 
3, The rear of the ratchet lock block for forging products, strong and durable.