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Steel Formwork To Ensure The Quality Of Excellence
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Quality is the basis of everything, there is no quality to talk about what brand, development, competition is empty talk. Especially for steel formwork, quality is the cornerstone of our survival and development. Our business to develop, we must put the quality of the first place, but also to implement the hearts of every employee, the formation of a solid sense of quality. Seeking quality, but also to pay attention to detail, from small things to start, every detail to do a good job.

   Grasp the quality, quality awareness is the key. We want to produce high-quality products, the need for the joint efforts of every employee. Enterprise employees are the first-line intelligence staff of product quality, our front-line staff familiar with all aspects of steel formwork in every detail, we must strengthen the control of each key point of quality. The quality of the product is the best, because only 10 percent rely on technology, and the remaining 90 percent is the attitude. We can only see our attitude to the quality of steel template determined, our steel template will stand out in the fierce competition.

   Taishan refused to fine soil, it can be its high; Jianghai not choose fine, it can be on its deep. Details of the process is the process of essentials, master the details that is to live quality. With the social division of the more and more fine and the degree of specialization is getting higher and higher, pay attention to the details, the quality of excellence to ensure that our steel template in the competition to win. Therefore, the pursuit of perfect quality, grasp the details, is to improve the quality of our steel template focus.

   In short, the quality of our steel template is based on the quality of our template is the life of our Limited. We only pay attention to the quality of the work of the first place, as his life, meticulous, excellence, we can in the steel template in the competition in an invincible position.

The steel formwork should be used in the correct way to extend the service life of the steel formwork. The method is as follows:

1. First with a clean gauze dipped in hot water diluted detergent, clean the steel plate board and rinse dry.

2. Before installation, it is necessary to uniformly coat the surface with a layer of topical release agent to avoid contamination of the template during the paste process, so as to obtain a better surface paste effect.

3. In accordance with the first to put the buffer pad, the template, after the shop under the cushion, the next template to install the order.

4. Avoid falling into lubricating oil and debris during installation.

5. The cushion must be flat and not deformed.

6. Installation such as the use of bayonet tensioning device, need to consider the steel plate thermal expansion factors.

7. Newly put into use steel form must be adaptively pretreated before use.

8. Steel coating on the surface of the coating agent to penetrate into the pores of the template to form a layer of detailed and strong mucosa in order to ensure smooth laminating press.

9. In order to extend the useful life of steel formwork, it is very necessary to repair and refurbish regularly. In the course of the use, such as steel template color, scratches or chrome off, please timely professional repair.

Improper repair may damage the steel formwork and cause unnecessary damage. After a professional chrome, polished, chrome trim will also you a new template.

Steel use of the template to pay attention to these points, according to the requirements of operation, can extend the steel template life cycle.