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Guard Rail To Protect The Traffic Order, To Prevent The Occurrence Of The Accident
- Jun 09, 2017 -

They are called Guard Rail  because they exist for the road to provide the most basic security protection. Believe that from this interpretation, we can see the main role of such a barrier. In fact, the role of road guardrail far more than that. Here, we will come for everyone to elaborate.

The role of one, used to separate the vehicle back and forth

This type of guardrail is usually a Guard Rail  located in the center of the road, mainly to separate the vehicle up and down the order of travel. Which can prevent the vehicle into the reverse track, and to prevent non-motor vehicles, pedestrians arbitrary cross, oblique through the road, to protect the traffic order, to prevent the occurrence of the accident.

Role 2, used to prevent pedestrians on the road does not comply with the rules of behavior

This type of guardrail is commonly referred to as pedestrian guardrail, which is located on the outside of the sidewalk, or between the sidewalk and the sidewalk, which is mainly located at the intersection. It can be effectively prevented from breaking by the vehicle. sidewalk.

In general, if there is a road guardrail, then travel and the flow of people will be their own way to avoid the flow of people mixed into the driveway, which led to the car does not pay attention to the occurrence of a car accident, a direct threat to the safety of life and other consequences, So it is necessary to install the road guardrail.

  Zinc steel Guard Rail  anti-corrosion method and the Guard Rail  network life has a great relationship. In general, the highway Guard Rail  has a useful life of 5 to 10 years. Guard Rail  is a metal mesh welded to the support structure of the Guard Rail , to prevent people into the alert area. Both sides of the expressway and the first-class automobile special road should be equipped with Guard Rail  Guard Rail . To prevent illegal occupation of road land. Guardrail manufacturer

   One of the anti-corrosion methods of zinc mesh is a plastic coating process, that is, the plastic coating in the matrix (usually metal), and now more mature domestic immersion method is: powder dip method, It originated in the sulfide bed method, the so-called sulfur bed was originally used in the Winkler gas furnace used in oil contact decomposition, and then developed a solid gas two-phase contact process, and gradually used in metal coating. Dipping is by heating the metal powder evenly sprayed on the metal to form a layer of plastic film, or heating the liquid into the metal pieces so that after cooling the plastic coated on the metal surface. This process requires no mold, low processing costs, easy molding, processing a variety of shapes and other features are widely used.

We use heavy-duty coatings for the Guard Rail , for heavy anti-corrosion coatings refers to the relatively conventional anti-corrosion coatings, can be used in relatively harsh corrosive environment, and can achieve a longer than the Guard Rail  protective coating longer protective period of a class of anti-corrosion coating.

For the Guard Rail  wire using heavy anti-corrosion coating for treatment: how the hulled wire can be used in harsh conditions, and has long-term anti-corrosion life, heavy anti-corrosion coatings in the chemical atmosphere and marine environment, the general can be used for 10 years or more, even if In acid, alkali, salt and solvent medium, and in a certain temperature conditions, can also be used for more than 5 years. Thick film is an important symbol of heavy anti-corrosion coating. General anti-corrosion coating coating dry film thickness of 100μm or 150μm or so, and heavy anti-corrosion coating dry film thickness of 200μm or 300μm or more, there are 500μm ~ 1000μm, or even up to 2000μm.

The concrete column has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect, and the Guard Rail  is the whole harmonious and beautiful. The concrete column can be produced by the local surplus labor, simple mold, only the concrete I need to take the framework of the network can be, Guard Rail  can significantly reduce the cost of the project, is the ideal choice for you to build the program. Hulan Wang has a durable, beautiful, vision, good protective performance characteristics.