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Rigging Performance Requirements Will Be Higher And Higher
- Jun 09, 2017 -

The load of the rigging joint is mainly a huge unstable load, and the main failure form of the rigging joint is fatigue failure. Prone to fatigue damage to the site is a rigging joint jacket, rigging joint jacket outer surface and the internal easy to produce fatigue cracks, crack propagation prone to fracture. Especially the tongue, due to stress concentration, the stress is very sensitive, coupled with its small bearing area, is the most prone to fatigue damage parts.

 Developed countries of the rigging industry has two hundred years of history, already have a complete design, manufacturing and testing standards. Developed countries of the rigging and accessories of a wide range of steel wire rope rigging, steel plate lifting clamp, round steel lifting clamp, chain rigging, fiber rope rigging, and the manufacturing process is more mature, rigging a higher level of industry.

    Rigging and low value-added goods, economic and technical added value is relatively low, while the economically developed countries, higher labor costs, low value-added products to the production of low labor costs in the region to move the trend. With the gradual formation of the pattern of global economic integration, Western developed countries pay more attention to the main part of the project, and rigging industry and some other low value-added manufacturing, has long been included in the subsidiary industry group, has not part of the concern of developed countries Focus, but also prompted the rigging industry to achieve strategic shift from developed to developing countries. Rigging industry gradually in the Asia-Pacific region has been developed, and for Europe and the United States developed countries, the important equipment and facilities to provide supporting rigging. The future of supporting rigging will be China, India and other countries of the main products.

    Rigging in China is a new sunrise industry, industry formed in the last century nineties. Relative to Europe and the United States and other developed countries, China's rigging industry is in the industry's import period, for now, the domestic professional rigging is not only very small, and the popularity is very low, the future development of a huge space. Sling with a wide range of applications for all large-scale lifting areas, industrial manufacturing and construction areas. The higher the degree of development of national heavy industry, the more the amount of rigging; industrial enterprises more standardized, the greater the amount will be used. With the continuous improvement of industrial production automation, the scope and depth of the future rigging applications will be further increased, while the requirements of the rigging performance will be higher and higher. Although the rapid development of China's rigging industry in recent years, but the technical standards are not perfect, domestic enterprises at random production, and even arbitrarily reduce the safety factor, China's cable has a great security risk.

At present, China's rigging manufacturing level and developed countries there is a certain gap, most of the domestic rigging joints are through welding or casting production. Welding structure will often cause a lot of welding stress and deformation, thus affecting the carrying capacity of joints; processing accuracy is poor; at the same time in the weld and weld the junction will produce stress concentration, easy to cause joint parts brittle fracture. Welded joints are prone to large organization and performance of the uneven, and because the weld and base metal microstructure will cause different parts of the joint performance. Welding joints in the presence of certain defects, such as cracks, pores, slag, not penetration, not fused and so on. The presence of these defects will reduce the strength of the joint parts, causing stress concentration, resulting in damage to the welded joints. While the casting organization is loose and the grain has a large mechanical performance is poor, it is difficult to bear the huge tensile stress. At the same time casting parts are also easy to form shrinkage, shrinkage, porosity, slag and other defects, seriously affect the performance of rigging joints.

    Backward production technology has been and need to improve the technical standards together to become China's rigging industry development of the main problems.