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Guard Rail Urban Traffic Is Safe And Fast
- Oct 09, 2017 -

What is the role of the Guard Rail in daily life? At present we walk in the street, everywhere can see the railing, also avoid a lot of accidents, then the guardrail what role?

Aluminum alloy road guardrail function can be divided into four categories, respectively, separated function, blocking function, warning function, beautiful features, the following Guan Dong Guard Rail manufacturers for everyone to explain the specific function of these four functions.

1, separation function: aluminum road guardrail will be motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrian traffic separation, the road in the cross-section on the vertical separation, so that motor vehicles,Guard Rail non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians lane, improve the safety of road traffic , To improve the traffic order.

2, blocking function: aluminum road guardrail will block the bad traffic behavior, blocking the pedestrian or bike or motor vehicle trying to cross the road. It requires a certain height of the guardrail,Guard Rail a certain density (refers to the vertical bar), but also have a certain strength.

3, the warning function: through the installation of aluminum alloy roadway to protect the profile of the simple and neat, rotary vane vacuum pump to alert the driver to pay attention to the existence of aluminum alloy road guardrail and pay attention to pedestrians and non-motor vehicles,Guard Rail so as to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents The

4, beautiful features: through the aluminum alloy road guardrail in different forms, different shapes and different colors, to achieve harmony with the road environment and coordination.

It can be seen that urban traffic aluminum road guardrail is not only a simple isolation of the road,Guard Rail the more critical purpose is to flow, traffic and express the traffic information, the establishment of a traffic rules, maintenance of traffic order, so that urban traffic to a safe, fast , Orderly, smooth, convenient effect.