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Metal Plank Antirust Safe Use Is Very Important
- Oct 23, 2017 -

1. Metal Plank curtain wall used in steel, including carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, weathering steel, stainless steel (sheet, bar, profiles, etc.). The grade and status of its materials, chemical composition, mechanical properties, tolerances on size and accuracy, etc. shall conform to the requirements of the current national and industry standards.

2. Carbon structural steels and low-alloy structural steels should be treated effectively. When hot dip galvanizing treatment is adopted, the thickness of the film should be ≥45μm.

3. The stainless steel used in the Metal Plank curtain wall should be made of austenitic stainless steel, and its technical requirements and performance test methods shall conform to the provisions of the current national standards.

4. The surface of the steel shall not have cracks, bubbles, scars, rust, slag and folding.

Aluminum alloy Material

1. The aluminum alloy material used in the Metal Plank curtain wall, including the material grade and status, chemical composition, mechanical property, surface treatment, size tolerance deviation and precision grade of aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy rolled sheet, shall conform to the requirement of the current national standard.

2. The aluminum alloy profile shall conform to the specification of the profile size and allowable deviation of the aluminum alloy profile (GB5237). The aluminum curtain wall should adopt high precision grade, its anodic oxide film thickness is not less than 15μm.

3. In the form of insulated aluminum profiles, insulation materials should be used Pa66gf25 (polyamide 66+25 glass fiber) material, strictly prohibited PVC materials. The heat insulating aluminum profile produced by pouring process shall use PUR (poly-urethane) material.

4. Aluminum alloy profile surface clean, uniform color. There should be no wrinkles, cracks, peeling, corrosion spots, bubbles, electric burns, flow marks, hair bonding and film (coating) layer shedding and other defects exist.


The mechanical properties of fasteners, such as bolts, screws, studs, nuts and rivets, used in Metal Plank walls, shall conform to the requirements of the current national standards.

(d) Sealant

1. Metal Plank curtain wall used in structural sealant, weathering sealant, insulating glass sealant, fire sealant, etc. should conform to the current national standards requirements.

2. The same unit of Metal Plank curtain wall must use the same brand and the same batch number of silicone sealant.

3. In any case, all kinds of silicone sealant to be used within the validity period, the use of expired products are not allowed.

4. Silicone sealant, silicone adhesive in use should be provided with the contact Material compatibility test report and mechanical test qualified report and quality of life certificate documents.

5. Metal Plank curtain wall used in the low foaming interval double-sided tape, should be in line with the current industry standards "glass curtain wall Engineering technical Specifications" JGJ102 of the relevant provisions, rubber should be the composition of the test report and durability certificate.