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Metal Plank Guaranteed Panel Flatness
- May 26, 2017 -

1. The middle ribs and ribs do not take root

The stiffener should be reliably connected to the panel, and the ribs in the Metal Plank should be reliably connected to the ribs of the ribs or single-layer aluminum plates. The support of the metal panel lattice ribs and their intersecting ribs should meet the force requirements.

The Metal Plank is thinner and, if necessary, the stiffening ribs should be provided to increase its stiffness and keep the plate flat. As the support side of the panel, the reinforcement rib is the fixed seat of the panel lattice, so should ensure that ribs and ribs, ribs and ribs in the reliable link to meet the force requirements. In some projects, the ribs are only considered to ensure the flatness of the panel, not as the support side of the panel, this time, the ribs are only connected with the panel, not with ribs or single-layer aluminum plate edge, Of the floating state, can not be used as a lattice panel support side, at this time, the panel should not consider the calculation of the role of rib support role.

2. Corner connection

The connection of Metal Planks is common with angular connection, fixed distance plate connection and articulation, etc., the angle connection structure is relatively simple, but not conducive to the absorption of temperature deformation, can easily cause the metal panel from the arch or "waist", affecting the building Exterior. So try to reduce the use of corner patch connection.

3. Aluminum-plastic composite board without folding

Aluminum-plastic composite board edge shall not be exposed directly to the outside, otherwise there will be degumming phenomenon.

4. There is a thermal bridge in the panel insulation

Metal Plank Curtain wall insulation usually have three practices: with wall insulation, with board insulation and floating insulation. At present, with the most wall insulation applications, the best, floating insulation in addition to the application in the slot system needs to be strengthened, but also a good choice. Board insulation due to the existence of thermal bridge, the application is not ideal, generally more in the use of modular curtain wall.

5. Large panel should adopt the higher flatness of the material

Single-layer aluminum is a material, composite aluminum plate for the plate structure, so in order to improve the bearing capacity of the plate, improve the surface roughness, reduce the cost of the plate, usually using composite panels, honeycomb panels.

6. The positioning part is not set in the vertical joint of the ceramic plate

Metal Plank Ceramic plate plate for the extrusion plate, connecting slot for the channel, do not have the lateral positioning capacity, the pendant is usually horizontal free sliding, so the ceramic wall curtain wall need to use the vertical line of the slab for horizontal positioning, more reliable and practical. Pendant and the plate should not be used between the adhesive positioning.

7. The amount of hook is too small

Metal Plank At present, the domestic application of ceramic plate articulation system, basically imitate the European system, the articulated lap is generally smaller, less seismic considerations, and more earthquake in China, so these systems should be modified in order to improve the seismic capacity, Adapt to the Chinese environment.

8. The GRC panel is fully welded

GRC board has a strong modeling ability, the plate technology is more mature, but as the external wall board applications, is still in the initial stage, the main reason is not achieved hook, but all the use of welding.