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Metal Plank High Technical Requirements For Construction And Installation
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Metal Plank curtain wall of poor deformation resistance, plate strength and steel is not high, waterproof sealing performance is not good, easy to fade deformation, the same will cause light pollution. Construction and installation technology requirements are relatively high.

Stone curtain wall has a stable atmosphere characteristics, rich natural color, excellent physical properties, installation relatively simple, low-cost production and other materials can not be compared, in the building curtain wall industry more and more users to adopt.

On-line quality inspection system can detect the surface defects of metal strip continuously and without omission, which is the key to improve the yield and product quality.

By the Beijing-Beijing University of Technology surface testing group, after 17 years of continuous independent innovation, breakthrough in special optical road development,Metal Plank high-speed image acquisition, massive data real-time processing, complex background image recognition and other key technologies, the paper developed the online monitoring system for surface quality of metal strip under high temperature, high speed and high resolution,--bkvision series products, for the first time in the world to realize the whole process of steel production, including continuous casting, hot rolling, cold rolling and other processes of surface quality online monitoring It provides important technical means to improve the surface quality and market competitiveness of our high-end steel.

In order to improve the detection rate of low contrast defect and small defect on the surface of cold-rolled precision strip, a multi-channel illumination imaging technique was developed. The contrast of the defect is improved by the image synthesis technology, and the detection rate of the defect is improved.

In order to obtain the depth information of surface defects, a three-dimensional imaging technique based on multiple laser lines is developed, and the three-dimensional information on a single image is obtained by using the characteristics of a lot of process and information of multiple laser lines,Metal Plank which avoids the influence of the detected object jitter on the detection result. The technology has been applied to the three-dimensional inspection of surface defects of hot rolled strip, which can detect defects such as scab, indentation and pits, and the accuracy of depth direction detection is up to 0.2mm. By comparing with the actual value, the maximum error of depth value is no more than 7%.

Because the surface temperature of the slab is up to 1000 ℃, the traditional nondestructive testing technology, such as ultrasonic, magnetic induction and eddy current, cannot be applied to the surface on-line inspection of high temperature slab. The radiant light on the surface of high temperature slab is mainly red or infrared light, so the laser line light source of the specific wavelength is developed, and the Red and infrared light of the surface radiation of the high temperature casting slab is filtered by narrow-band filter, which can improve the quality of the image.

In view of the existence of "pseudo defects" in the surface of hot metal strip,Metal Plank such as iron oxide skin and water, it is easy to cause error detection. The feature extraction methods based on amplitude spectrum invariant moment, texture analysis of structure spectrum, wavelet invariant moment and multi-scale geometric analysis are developed, and the method of depth and gray-level information fusion,Metal Plank combined classification method and other defect identification methods are used to realize the accurate identification of defects in complex background. Bkvision Series products for common surface defects of the detection rate of more than 95%, the recognition rate of more than 90%, the detection rate and the rate of identification compared to the same foreign technology to improve 10% and 15%.