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Metal Plank Innovative, Logical, Interesting
- Oct 09, 2017 -

The development and progress of the architectural culture is derived from the continuous improvement of the architectural concept. The expression of the architectural concept can not be separated from the support of the construction technology. The relationship between the two is complementary, and the architectural technology is also innovative, logical and interesting. The The in-depth understanding of building technology, building construction and materials will help architects to better develop their technical and cultural characteristics and provide the impetus for the complete performance of architectural ideas.

1, the basic functions of building envelope system

Building envelope system mainly refers to the roof, the outer wall of two parts. Roof, the outer wall is the oldest part of the building, is a key element of space shaping. The basic functions of the enclosure system are as follows:

(1) cover function: used to wind cover rain and snow, isolated noise, light, etc., to create a space environment separated from the outside world.

(2) protection: the envelope system is not only to create a separate space, but also need to provide a comfortable (insulation, insulation, wind, earthquake, etc.) environment, can make the internal environment from the outside world. Can provide security.

(3) visual function: a social form and spiritual significance, an era of architecture reflects the economic and mental state of this era.

2, the basic form of building envelope system

The basic form of building envelope system is divided into two categories: building and assembling. Which puzzle (pouring) building class enclosure system also includes:

(1) Roofing: concrete prefabricated system, concrete cast-in-place system;

(2) external walls: brick and concrete system, cast-in-place reinforced concrete system, concrete frame masonry filling system.

The assembly system includes curtain wall system and sheet system, sheet metal system and metal sheet and non-metallic sheet two categories.

Metal Plank enclosure system as a kind of assembly system, metal materials as the bearing system of the load-bearing and connecting skeleton, the use of Metal Plank as a protective material, with waterproof, insulation, insulation, sound insulation and other materials, Complete the functional requirements of the envelope system, at the same time to focus on the following technical requirements:

(1) the various functional layers to be perfect;

(2) air tightness, watertightness indicators to meet the standard;

(3) connection to be safe and reliable.

3, Metal Plank enclosure system material

Metal Plank enclosure system materials include metal pressure plate and sandwich panel two categories. Among them, the metal pressure plate material is steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper, lead, etc., is usually used pressure plate and pressure type aluminum alloy plate. Metal Plank is divided into high wave plate (wave height ≥ 70mm) and low wave plate (wave height <70mm), the connection is divided into: fastener connection, undercut connection (180 ° and 360 °), snap connection The

Sandwich panels are made of color coated steel and insulation materials made in the factory, insulation materials include: polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool board and so on. Sandwich panels are divided into flat and wave plate, the connection is divided into: Lu-type fastener connection, hidden fastener connection.