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Scaffolding Do A Good Job Of Life Protection, Without Delay
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Engineering safety accidents frequently, in all site safety protection facilities, scaffolding is the most important! Especially bridge engineering. According to the standard to take a good scaffolding, do life protection, without delay! The following bridge construction scaffolding operation points, we must take a look!

1, scaffolding erection before the basis of the plane to check, take the way to draw the line to ensure that the scaffolding under the same level of care to ensure that the scaffold force evenly, the construction of the connection point to ensure that the tightly placed, appear.

2, under the side of the square wood

In order to prevent the concentrated load of the leg to pass the bedding layer of concrete cracking, on the top of the square wood, square wood thickness of not less than 5cm, width of not less than 20cm.

3, the base installation

Under the adjustable pole base, the screw and nut kneading length of not less than 5 buckle, and the extension should not exceed the length of 30CM, insert the length of the pole shall not be less than 30CM. Pole base and square wood, square wood and hardened between the ground should be close, no void and loose.

4, stand erected

According to the design of the layout of the pole, with a load-bearing pole must be docked, not allowed to lap. Only the upper and lower pedestrians and auxiliary construction for the construction of the scaffolding in addition to the top of the top can be used to take the lap, the rest of the layers of the joints must be used docking fastener docking. The butt fasteners on the pole should be arranged in a staggered manner. The joints of the two adjacent levers should not be set in the synchronizer. The distance between the two adjacent joints of the two connecting rods in the height direction should not be less than 50cm. To the main node of the distance should not be greater than the step 1/3.

5, each erected a layer of pole, after passing the inspection, the bar and the bar erection. According to the design requirements to set up crossbar and vertical bar, bar and vertical must be level. If it is fastener scaffolding vertical, horizontal bar and pole of each pole should be fastened with fasteners, non-buckle or buckle is not allowed to appear.

6, scissors support

Scissors angle of 45 ° ~ 60 °, the length of not less than 6m, each scissors should not span less than 4 pin. The scissors diagonal bar is fixed on the projecting end of the horizontal or horizontal horizontal bar with the rotating fastener, and the distance from the centerline of the rotating fastener to the main node should not be greater than 15cm. Scissors bottom must be landing. So that the nodes are not parallel to the quadrilateral.

7, scissors set the support - vertical horizontal level

8, vertical and horizontal sweeping pole.

9, scaffolding laying:

Scaffolding Specification Chapter 6 Section 6.2.4

① operation layer should be covered, shop stability, shop real;

Using right-angle fasteners fixed on the pole, from the base is not greater than 20cm. Horizontal sweeping rods should also be fastened at right angles to the pole on the underside of the longitudinal sweeping bar. When the base of the pole is not at the same height, it is necessary to extend the height of the longitudinal sweeping pole to the lower side. The height difference should not be greater than 1m. The distance from the pole axis above the slope to the slope should not be Less than 50cm.

② wood footboard, bamboo string scaffold, etc., should be set in the three horizontal horizontal bar.

When the footboard length is less than 2m, you can use two horizontal horizontal bar support, but should be both ends of the scaffold and horizontal horizontal bar fixed, to prevent overturning.

The laying of the scaffold should be done by docking or lap laying.

Docking tiles, the joints should be set at two horizontal horizontal bar, scaffolding extension should take 13cm ~ 15cm, two scaffolding extension of the length and should not be greater than 30cm;

Erection of the laying, the joints should be supported in the horizontal horizontal bar, lap length should not be less than 20cm. The length of the horizontal bar should not be less than 10cm.

③ the end of the industry scaffolding probe length should take 15cm, both ends of the board should be fixed on the support rod.