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Steel Formwork Installation Accuracy And Accuracy
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Steel formwork is widely used in concrete pouring construction. According to the use of steel formwork, pouring shape can be used to form different steel formwork, and can form composite steel formwork. And steel template quality and durable, can be used more than the number of turnover, it is widely used. For the steel template stitching technical points, we have a summary and finishing, the following look at it.

Make sure the elevation is accurate

During construction, ensure the accuracy and accuracy of the installation of the template, the installation side of the template should prevent the template shift and protruding. The base side mold can be fixed to the outside of the template. After the installation of the template should be its flat position, the top elevation and vertical and horizontal stability of the inspection to ensure that does not exceed the allowable deviation deformation value.

Templates During installation, anti-overturning facilities must be provided.

Detailed preparation measures

After the lofting and then at a certain interval to measure the elevation of the measured point, the high and low part of the leveling process, as the basis for control template location and elevation.

Steel form should be used in the formal installation should be removed before the surface rust and oil evenly coated with the surface of the template to ensure that the demoulding of concrete surface after the smooth and concrete non-stick template.

Prevent bottom leakage

Correct the template installation accuracy, curve section by contrast with the straight line to adjust the curve of the template, from the middle to both ends of the mitigation to ensure that the curve straight.

After the installation of the template is completed from the outside with the amount of mortar to seal the contact surface and the template of the joints, to prevent leakage of pulp.

Prevent quality problems

(1) large template construction, so that the outer template within the 5 ~ 10mm thick, the upper and lower layers can be cut through the location of its continuity, to avoid the upper wall template by the lower bias.

(2) in the construction of the upper shear wall can be in the seams at the end of the Department of square feet to ensure that the upper wall position and the bottom of the wall does not leak pulp.

(3) strict control of the vertical wall template and support stiffness, to ensure that the wall vertical, reducing the top of the wall offset.

(4) outside the wall of the wall of the bar at the positioning of welding, the positioning of the end of the ribs can not be separated from the large template.

(5) Roof concrete construction, the external walls of the wall within the scope of the slope, the outer high and low, the lowest and the roof elevation level, the external wall installation of large templates must be close to the high guide wall, and paste at the bottom Sponge, to prevent leakage of pulp.

Template splicing machine security at the end

(1) check the safety device before operation is normal, the test template splicing machine pressure should not be too large.

(2) after the completion of pressure measurement oil level, regular addition of hydraulic oil.

(3) turn on the power after the closure switch, check the motor running, debugging electric control box within the thermal protection power.

(4) during operation to keep the machine table clean, timely elimination of the table and the oil on the debris.