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Steel Formwork It Is Very Necessary To Repair And Refurbish Regularly
- Jun 20, 2017 -

The maintenance of steel formwork has a direct impact on the quality of engineering in road and bridge construction. Gongyi City Weizhi template is the daily production encountered in the steel template performance, use and maintenance issues for the following description.

First, the semi-finished product, finished steel template storage: should be used to store a special storage rack to ensure that each template is not squeezed. Before storage should be cleaned, coated with release agent and covered with rain cloth, flat on a better place to ventilate.

Second, the correct use of steel formwork: first with a clean gauze dipped in hot water diluted detergent, cleaning steel plate board and rinse dry. Before installation, it is necessary to uniformly coat the surface with a layer of topical release agent on its surface to avoid contamination of the template during the paste process, so as to obtain a better surface paste effect. And then in accordance with the first covered with cushion, the template, after the shop under the cushion, the next template to install the installation; to avoid falling into the installation of lubricants and debris; cushion must be flat, no deformation; Tensioning device, need to consider the steel plate thermal expansion factors.

Again, the new steel molds that are put into use must be adaptively pretreated before use. Steel coating on the surface of the coating of the release agent penetrate into the pores of the template to form a layer of detailed and strong mucosa in order to ensure smooth laminating press.

   Finally, in order to extend the service life of steel formwork, it is very necessary to repair and refurbish regularly. In the course of the use, such as steel template color, scratches or chrome off, please timely professional repair. Improper repair may damage the steel formwork and cause unnecessary damage. After a professional chrome, polished, chrome trim will also you a new template.