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The Raw Materials Prices For Sep.2018
- Sep 05, 2018 -

According to the steel plant inventory data show, as of early August, the key enterprises steel stock of 11.9416 million tons, compared with the last lent 505,700 tons, the increase of 4.42%. Increased by 367,000 tonnes to 3.17% per cent in early July. Decreased by 282,500 tonnes from a year earlier to 2.31%. Compared with the same period last year, the national Steel market stock increased by 246,000 tons, steel mills inventories decreased by 282,500 tons, market inventories and steel mills inventories were reduced by 528,500 tonnes over the same period last month, compared to 700,200 tonnes last year.

Industrial chain inventories continue to decline, but also for the domestic steel price trend of support this month. We speculate on the September 2018 steel Price trend: 7-August steel prices in the traditional consumption off the road rose, mainly due to environmental policy continued high pressure, as of the end of this month, social and steel mills inventories remain low. September the traditional consumption season arrives, environmental protection supervision further high pressure, the active fiscal policy overlay infrastructure investment growth rate, market supply and demand tight balance will continue to show. Consideration, the short-term by the futures to step back, the spot market appears concussion adjustment, but the expected market is still good. September Steel price overall will still shock upward.