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Wire Rope Clip Should Be Able To Turn Flexible, Put Rope Convenient
- Jun 20, 2017 -

A rope method

1) The main equipment of the elevator has been installed, the car chassis has been calibrated, the safety gear has been clamped rail.

2) Assemble the counterweight frame at the top level and the car level (the counterweight is not left) and hold the frame with the chain hoist.

3) in the top hall outside the door, erection of a temporary rope rack, each bundle of Wire Rope Clip on the shelf, should be able to turn flexible, put rope convenient.

4) the first production of one end of the rope rope rope, according to the requirements of the rope from the rope frame → Square wood → car wheel → guide wheel → with the wheel → rope head fixed in the machine room rope board.

5) Check the elevator shaft so that the counterweight frame falls without obstruction. And in the bottom of the frame to indicate the location of the decline or set temporary support to ensure the accuracy of the length of the rope.

6) After the weight frame slides down to the specified position, each rope is clamped on the top with a rope holder to clamp the Wire Rope Clip on the chain hoist to prevent the frame from falling. And then make the other end of the rope head, hanging to the rope head plate fixed, put the rope end.

7) staffing: the room 2 people responsible for the bracelet device; each bundle of Wire Rope Clip by a master rope; in order to ensure uniform rope speed, by a responsible command; outside the tunnel arranged a tour staff, who ran along the stairs , With the use of walkie-talkie to report the location of the frame down and the rope of the elastic situation.

Two security measures

When the Wire Rope Clip is put with the counterweight frame, the traction brake is not working. As the frame slips, the speed of the frame without speed control measures will be faster and faster, leading to accidents. Therefore, in the process of rope to take a slow, brakes measures, at any time can be slowed down or stopped.

1) slow measures. In the car column on the temporary banding two strong square wood, so that each Wire Rope Clip to S-shaped coiled the two square wood to the car to the wheel, increase the friction when the rope down, so that the frame slowly down.

2) Brake measures. In the machine room traction wheel, with a thickness of about 50mm, and the traction wheel and other wide wood, one end of the top of the traction machine frame, wood 1/3 posted on the traction wheel Wire Rope Clip. In the rope when the need to slow down or brake, as long as the other end of the wood plus a certain force, will be able to stop all the rope.

Comparison of three kinds of rope release method

1) Conventional rope is a root. If the elevator Wire Rope Clip is 2: 1 around the law, respectively, each wire into the bottom of the wire, and then pulled the top of the hoist. Not only time-consuming, labor, and easy to disrupt the Wire Rope Clip, but also easy to cross with the scaffolding steel pipe. And put the rope with the weight of the rope, you can put the Wire Rope Clip finished, it will not appear the above situation.

2) conventional rope need to operate the workers in the hoistway up and down to check the operation of the Wire Rope Clip. 20 or more elevators require several people to do the work at the same time, both hard and wasteful, and unsafe. And now no matter how high the floor, as long as an inspector can be completed.

3) conventional put a 20-story elevator rope takes 1 day, and now even ready to work as long as 2h, put rope speed increased 3 to 4 times. If the height of the building floor, the more the number of elevators, the more time to save.